Image Copyright Michelle Fritch Creations & Photography, 2013.

Image Copyright Michelle Fritch Creations & Photography, 2013.

Moments in Mom-vana is a basin of thoughts and everyday musings, written and collected by Elle.

Elle is a divorced single mom of an adorable, spunky, insightful red-headed boy, who – in addition to being quite funny, and slightly addicted to Minecraft – has high-functioning autism spectrum disorder. Elle and her son live in a college town with two lovable flat-faced dogs (one Valley Bulldog, and one Pug).

In her real life, she works full-time as an event planner for a Big 10 university, with a group specializing in international business in developing economies. As a result, she has had the privilege of meeting people from all over the world. The daughter of a cultural archaeologist and a nurse, Elle’s love of world cultures and in building friendships has lead her from working in healthcare, medical offices, and global corporations, back to college to complete her own degree in Communications and World Cultures.

Besides chasing a kiddo, working, and going to school, Elle has recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome, and is learning how to maintain a healthy and active life in spite of these challenges. In her free time, she does some side work as a portrait photographer. She believes in the power of photography to capture moments, and in preserving those moments for future generations to tell our stories.

Elle is fascinated by other cultures and the many faceted expressions of spirituality found around the world. She believes that God is much bigger than we – as tiny specs in the enormity of the universe – can ever hope to understand, and seeks the wisdom, enlightenment, and peace that can be found through many aspects of religion.

Elle believes in tolerance and equality. She is open-minded, big-hearted, and harbors a love of learning and a passion for people. She leads a busy life, loves her family, grapples with life’s big questions, and is trying like crazy to raise a good man.


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